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Scott Cruz is a gifted Spiritual Counselor/Clairvoyant/ Medium. He is able to connect with the past, foresee the direction of your life trajectory in the future, and most importantly, bring clarity for the "now." His intention is to bring understanding to one's life for self empowerment and change. Scott teaches his clients about the powers of consciousness and creating reality to help guide one into alignment with self - thus manifesting what is desired in this physical realm. Scott also is gifted in communicating with those whom have crossed over.

"Ever since I was a child, I would sense things that other people couldn't. As I got older, I realized my visions started to become a predicted physical reality. The more spiritually aligned I became, the more clear and persistent my visions were. Not only were my predictions accurate, I was also able to help guide those in their situations based on my predictions. As I maintained alignment with self and these "abilities," I became in alignment with receiving messages from those who have reemerged into non-physical with clear & specific validation. My intention is to help those realign with Source energy here in the physical realm and to show that our consciousness still exists after the psychical experience.
Life Coach - Clairvoyant - Medium